Grade 2 is definitely one of the most formative years of a child's life. This means a lot of play and a little bit of learning on the side as well. This is an age of curiosity, of play, a time you play with nature. 

Conceptual Book for Grade 2

Conceptual Book for Grade 2is a unique book-cum -workbook. 

A very detailed approach for young learners
Conceptual - covering a wide variety of concepts for each topic
Zero theory (well, almost!) - who reads them? (If the child is not reading, why have it)
Activity based approach - the child is doing something on every page of the book.

Grade 2 Conceptual Maths Book cum Workbook

Chapter Worksheets

Stemkit Chapter Worksheets are revision worksheets for students to attempt after completing a chapter. All our worksheets reflect the latest syllabus as per the latest NEP guidelines.

Worksheet Collection

Concept Worksheets

Stemkit Concept Worksheets are designed for students to master any concept. They can be given to the student at the time of studying the chapter.

Olympiad Prep

Our Olympiad prep is a series of 5 question papers to prepare for IMO. Download and practice at leisure.